Nibras S.

Edmonton | Home Owner

We moved to a new house couple months ago and slowly realized there are some birds living in the kitchen fan vent. The chirping sound and wings flapping scared us especially after knowing that mites and other hazards can spread into our house. I called Joe because it was the first number I saw on the internet and I wanted someone fast. He answered right away. He was able to come same day for an assessment and explained everything to me. He was polite and very knowledgeable. It turned out to be an English Sparrow nest inside our vent. He then noticed that a bumble bee nest was also built inside our roof shingles and he explained that it was a good idea to get rid of it same time before it gets bigger. He quoted us a reasonable price and took care of it next day within an hour. He also sealed our vent with a mesh so that no birds will come in again. He also advised me about the ant colonies issue in our area and he was right because we noticed 3 in our yard since moving in. I definitely recommend Joe to anyone who has a problem with house pests and you will not be disappointed.