Our Pest Treatments Include:

  • We will conduct a full property inspection before going ahead with the treatment to determine the level of infestation, entry points and the most appropriate removal method for the current situation.
  • We use the latest pest control products and equipment to ensure full eradication of all insects, rodents and birds such as:
            UV vacuum cleaners
            Eco-friendly pesticides
            Pigeon spikes for effective bird control
  • We offer pest proofing services to block all entry points and prevent future infestations.

Pigeons and Other Bird Control

Most people are familiar with seeing pigeons around farm yards, parks, city buildings, bridges and other structures. Pigeon and bird droppings (“guano” the proper terminology) is actually categorized as toxic waste and needs to be disposed of accordingly. Birds love buildings and property structures as they provide shelter and quite often a good food source. Bird proofing provides a great solution to make sure any problems are a thing of the past but birds are crafty creatures and if you leave a weak spot they will find a way in. That’s why it must be done right and maintained properly.

Pigeons and seagulls are becoming a major urban pest in recent times, many businesses are struggling to cope with damage caused to buildings and outdoor spaces. From noise and smell problems, to parasitic insects spreading from birds’ nest, pest birds pose as much as a risk to humans as they do to buildings.

Some of the main reasons why bird control and bird management are important:

  • Bird droppings and nesting materials carry over 60 transmittable diseases and ectoparasites. 
  • If dried bird droppings are found near air handling systems, they can travel through buildings potentially infecting you, your family and employees.
  • Birds can contaminate food production and inventory when they nest in warehouses.
  • Regular cleanup of bird droppings can cost businesses thousands of dollars every year. Installing bird control products can save a business valuable time and money and reduce health risks to employees.
  • Droppings are highly acidic and can corrode buildings materials and stain fabrics and even cars.
  • Bird nests can clog drains and pose a fire risk near lighting or other features.
  • Bird droppings can be a liability by creating a slip and fall risk.
  • Bird infestations also encourage a range of other pests such as flies and fleas, but the most common is the bird mite.

Tools & Techniques Used by Our Pest Control Specialists

Pigeon Control Edmonton Bird COntrol


Bird netting is a very cost-effective bird control solution as one net can cover a series of perching areas. It is considered to be the most comprehensive answer to nesting or roosting birds. Bird netting protects buildings  without harming birds like pigeons and sparrows.we use this tool to protect properties from different types of urban birds, it acts as a barrier between the flying pests and the building.


Bird spikes are excellent building deterrent solutions for seagulls and pigeon pest control. They are used on ledges where birds establish their nest or use for night roosting.

  This is one of the most successful deterrent tools and is perfect for all types of properties.

Bird COntrol Edmonton Gel Repellant


Gel repellent is a non-toxic bird deterrent that tricks pigeons and other flying critters into thinking that the building is on fire. It is a successful repellent which we recommend particularly if you’re a tenant and cannot use any permanent bird proofing  solutions.

Pest Control Sanitation Services

Pest Control Edmonton Sanitation Bird Spaces


The build-up of bird droppings cause many problems including corrosion of building structures and fabrics,  unpleasant odors, unsightly appearance and most importantly pose a serious public health risk. Birds, especially pigeons, transmit various disease. For this reason, we highly recommend a sanitation service after  a pigeon control service is completed.