Edmonton Pest Control For Spiders:


Spiders: Some of the more common include the common house spider, cellar spider, sac spider and wolf spider.  

Spiders differ from insects in having 8 legs instead of 6 and two body sections instead of 3. There are about 40,000 different species of spider.

Some of the most common species of spiders are:

Common House Spider – spider most often encountered inside.
Sac Spiders – often pale yellow, grey, or green color; likely responsible for most indoor spider bites.
Wolf Spiders – large, “hairy”, and often mistaken for tarantula; leg span as much as 7.62cm. 
Cellar Spider – very long, thin legs; will rapidly shake its body on the web when disturbed.

Some are ground dwelling, while others live above ground in and on plants and buildings. They prefer warm temperatures and moderate humidity.

Some spider varieties that are commonly found in homes have adapted to the conditions indoors and can live in a less humid atmosphere and with less food consistently available, and some can even survive for months on end without food or water! Spiders that live outdoors prefer warm and damp surroundings, in which insects are their preferred source of food.

The bites of some spiders can be dangerous. The Funnelweb is one of the most dangerous and the Redback is also poisonous to humans. 

They are attracted to warm, dark small spaces, like wall cracks, corners, air vents, and in the eaves of your home.

Some spider species prefer to stay closer to the outdoors, weaving their webs in your barn, garden or near your outside lighting.

What to do if you have spiders:

Do not leave clothes on the floor, or to shake them thoroughly before putting them on. Check your bedding before going to bed

Vacuum regularly

Remove noticeable webs

Fill in gaps in walls and under doors to prevent entry and reduce harborage areas around the home by relocating firewood away from the home.

Remove sheltering sites like firewood piles and compost piles from near your home.

Fill in gaps in walls and under doors to deter entry.

Our Pest Treatments Include:

  • We will conduct a full property inspection before going ahead with the treatment to determine the level of infestation, entry points and the most appropriate removal method for the current situation.
  • We use the latest pest control products and equipment to ensure full eradication of all insects, rodents and birds such as:
             UV vacuum cleaners
             Eco-friendly pesticide
  • We offer pest proofing services to block all entry points and prevent future infestations.